The most productive month ever!!!

A Minimalist Approach to Technology

A new month, a new challenge.  The Dennys have decided to put down their devices and challenge the status quo by drastically cutting down on their screen time this month.  Inspired by The Minimalists and their essay on killing home internet, (See Essay here) we hope to drastically increase our productivity, build our relationships and focus on what really matters.

The inspiration for this came as an idea to Kyle several months ago as he listened to a podcast episode about controlling technology but we put it off instead opting to play the minimalism game first and waiting for a month we thought it would work.

I am sure we would both admit that we spend a lot of time on our phones and probably need to cut back.  We don’t really watch TV and rarely watch movies anymore, so most of our downtime is checking email, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram or interacting in our many online groups that discuss things we enjoy or are passionate about.  Sometimes we play games like Clash of Clans or gummy drop.  But its not like we are worst than like half of America and its our way to relax after a long day chasing our 2-year-old around.

Yeah about that 2-year-old.  Nothing like seeing your daily habits reflected in your child’s actions as they beg to watch you tube, bring you your phone anytime they see it sitting somewhere and start asking for your phone the minute they wake up or once they are strapped into their carseat.  Every time we told her no, we realized we were being the biggest hypocrites and setting such a bad example for her on a daily basis.

We don’t take this challenge lightly.  We realize that we need to make changes and hope this month will just be the start of a new awareness and habits around technology.