Morning view from our deck at the cabin in South Dakota

One of the 5 key values that The Minimalists discuss is growth.

Usually I get to come on here and tell you how good we are doing, how great I feel or how easy the challenge was but not today friends.

We are failing at this whole minimal technology thing and failing hard.  We went on a wonderful family vacation to South Dakota and were able to stay relatively on track (partially thanks to poor cell service) but once we got back it was like the rules we agreed to follow this month didn’t even exist.  Neither of us called out the other either, not wanting to give up our own time.  Just checking one thing real fast turns into an hour mindlessly scrolling through facebook posts, instagram feeds and click bait news articles that don’t tell you anything you already didn’t know.

Maybe we are worse off than we thought, truly addicted and unable to stop even if we want to.  But admitting you have a problem is the first step right.  We are Melissa and Kyle and we are addicted to our cell phones.  Everyday is a new opportunity to start over so even though its July 22nd (already?!?!?), we start anew ready to go against something that is obviously so ingrained in us that we are going to have to fight a little harder.

And a couple South Dakota pictures just for fun:




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