Minimalism Game: Week 4


We did it!  We completed all 30 days of the minimalism game!  While it wasn’t easy, it was definitely worth it!

The crazy thing is I still feel like we could get rid of more stuff!  We ended up with a couple totes full of stuff we want to try to sell.  We are giving ourselves to the end of July to sell it and then will donate.  So we actually got rid of way more than 500 since that was not counted.

Hadley’s toys feel so much more manageable and we have a system of getting out one bin at a time and cleaning it up before getting another one down.  We also have made it part of her bedtime routine to clean up anything that is out before she goes to bed so we have a clean living room each night.

Overall our home feels a lot less cluttered (Comparison pics on the next blog).  One learning we are going to take away is to question things more before bringing them into our home.  It is so easy to say sure we will take that and buy things without thinking about where it is going to go and if we really need it.

It was a great month of personal growth and making our space more functional and peaceful.  Our next challenge is to tackle our biggest time waster by cutting down on technology significantly for the month of July and having the most productive month ever!!!


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