The Minimalism Game: Week 2

We have successfully completed week 2.  As the number of items increases each day, the challenge also increases.

It’s been fairly easy to move through the house, choosing an area to focus on each day and finding the required number of items.

Our basement has become the catch all for most of our excess stuff and I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time down there sorting through our possessions in the last half of this challenge trying to make the audacious goal of completing all 30 days.  Though I heard on the podcast today that some people keep going after 30!

We are working out way through the minimalist podcasts and I (Melissa) read one of their books. IMG_20170615_050402_475.jpg

They have a really neat perspective and I recommend checking out their stuff if you are at all interested in minimalism or simplfying your life!

The Minimalist Blog


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