Minimalism Game: Week 1

When we moved into our townhome almost 2 years ago, we made a very conscience effort to only fill our space with things we loved and not stuff all our closets and storage spaces to the brim.  Fast forward to 2 years later, our basement looks like a Toys R Us and our closets are a definitely fuller than we would like.

We want it gone!  Our goal is to have a home where we use all the items in it.  No clutter.  We don’t want a “just in case” section sitting around.  So let’s see how the Minimalism Game is going!

When we heard about the game, we knew we had to play.  What a fun challenge to keep adding to the pile of things to minimize out of our lives day after day, upping the stakes by just one item at a time.

just in case

Seven days have flown by.  And stuff has been flying out.  It’s pretty easy to walk around and find things you meant to get rid of but haven’t gotten around to yet like the spray bottle that doesn’t spray and the RCA discman you brought home from school thats been sitting on your kitchen counter for way too many days.

It feels great to get rid of this stuff.  So maybe “Less is More” isn’t just a clever slogan.


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