We did it!

The Marathon

Melissa:  I am so happy to complete my 2nd marathon.  It was a completely different experience than my first back in 2010.  I felt amazing during most of my training runs and that continued onto race day.  Even though my time (5:45) was 5 minutes slower than my first, physically and emotionally I felt 100 times better.  As we entered the final mile, I couldn’t help but well up after all the early mornings, pushing through runs I didn’t want to do and fighting off cravings and sugary temptations along the way.  I felt accomplished and proud of myself.  Now just planning the next one!

Kyle:  Finishing my 11th marathon was one of my toughest. During mile 18 I started having a bad side ache. It was walk run for a few miles. I felt completely helpless. I was happy to have Melissa there encouraging me on.   It was really awesome about 100 yards from the finish we saw my mom, stepdad, and Hadley. Her smile carried me to my medal!

After surviving nearly 6 months without added sugars what have you learned?  Any new product stand out or make its way into your new routine?

Kyle:  I had a conversation with someone from my men’s group a couple months ago. “Do you enjoy food?” He asked.

Life is too short to not enjoy yourself. But you can’t be dumb either. While a donut is awesome, a life a diabetes is not. Moderation is key but even not allowing myself sugar it expanded my diet. I made an amazing Oreo dessert out of plantains!   I made awesome smoothies and found a way to enjoy coffee that wasn’t loaded with sugar.

A product I’m keeping around is the Sweet Leaf drops. They have been amazing and I will continue using them in my coffee.

Melissa:  I think the takeaway for me is awareness.  Before this challenge and our previous one, I used to dump sugar all over the majority of my meals in the form of syrup, ketchup, BBQ sauce and dressings.  Now I think twice about these things.  We decided that we aren’t going to buy ketchup (if you come over bring your own..haha) and are only going to allow it at restaurants.  I bought creamer and expected it to make my coffee taste amazing.  It really didn’t.  I ended up adding a bit of creamer with unsweetened soy milk.  That tasted a lot better to me.  I also went back to my drink at Starbucks (vanilla iced coffee with a splash of soy) and I don’t really like it anymore.  My tastes have seriously changed and I am totally okay with that.

Now what?

Since both of us do so well with rules and competition, we’ve decided to live by “The Sugar Rules.”  These were things both of us could live with and we really feel it will help us to make a permanent change and keep ourselves in check.

  1. You can only consume foods with 10 grams of added sugar or less per serving.
  2. You may have 2 “cheats” per week and consume something without checking the sugar content.
  3. You may visit Starbucks 2 times per week and get a drink with added sugar.
  4. Use artificial sweeteners sparingly.

Because life without a challenge is boring. 



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