The 30-day Minimalism Game

Rules of the game

Both Kyle and myself enjoy The Minimalists and their awesome podcast.  One of the challenges they talk about is the 30-day minimalism game.  The rules are simple.  Basically you get rid of (or donate/sell) 1 item on day 1.  On day 2, you get rid of 2 items.  The challenge is to make it until day 30.  If you make it that far, you will have ridden your space of over 500 items!

I honestly don’t think we will make it through the whole game but here’s to trying.

We will be posting daily pictures on instagram.  Add us if you want to follow along @honeybee2111  @kdenny01

Now the before pictures…

I’ve gone around and taken pictures of every room in our house as they are today (no matter how embarrassing and cluttered).  I will post pictures again at the end to see if the reduction in clutter is easily visible.


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