The Home Stretch


Race day is upon us.  Two more sugar free days.

It’s been almost 6 months.

Melissa:  I was grocery shopping yesterday and thinking about picking up a couple items with sugar for Monday and beyond.  I stopped by the cereal because we never found a cereal without added sugar so we haven’t had cereal since December.  All three of us enjoy cereal and it is such an easy breakfast.  I started looking at a couple choices and automatically scanned the label for sugar without even thinking about it.  The first box had 13 grams per cup, second box 11 grams, third box had 7 grams.  In each ingredient list sugar came up 2nd.  UGH!  Why is cereal so full of sugar!  I left the store empty handed and discouraged.  I don’t think we will be getting back on the cereal train anytime soon.


While somewhat discouraging, its also good.  I think I’ve realized that I can live with A LOT less sugar in my life.  I really hope that this sticks more than the last experiment and we create a new normal.

Kyle:  the week has been good. I made a cookie dough, probably the third sugar-free recipe I’ve tried. It used cream cheese and no flour. It was a bit rich so I added flour to make it doughier. 

I have learned so much. Yes agree with Melissa:  I will not be starting my day off with a bowl of sugar. Or in my coffee either. 

I still may not drink coffee black but I’m a whole lot closer than I was before. 

Now the real challenge begins. Without an end date or challenge end what will become of my new habits?  Will I fall back into old ways?  Will I gulp 60g of sugar in an energy drink or load my coffee up with cream?  I am looking to a donut but not everyday and not a half dozen in one sitting. 

This time will be different. I can’t wait to make changes!



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