Sugar-free vacation

What is an interesting affect sugar has on the body?

Kyle:  I learned last week that sugar affects cholesterol levels. I have struggled with high cholesterol numbers my entire adult life.

More than 6 years ago we began a vegan diet. My numbers improved. I was near 300 eating the standard American diet but in nearly six years of ditching Animal proteins and dairy my numbers fell to 229.

Not in the safe zone according to the American Dietician Association. But my doctor felt with my diet and marathon running that he wasn’t worried.

My Mom shared some reading with me a few weeks ago. It said sugar consumption was linked to high LDL (bad) Cholesterol.

I will get tested before this challenge’s end and see if there is improvement. This is something no doctor has ever mentioned (doctors are required only 1 credit hour of nutrition education).

Melissa:  I have always heard that sugar consumption increases belly fat.  Last time we did this and this time as well, I was surprised in the way my body seemed to lose weight in different places than when I lost it with traditional dieting.  I weigh the same as we did when we got married but my body is a completely different shape at this weight than it was before (in a good way).  I have to link it to abstaining from sugar.

*I will take a before and after picture and post it at the end of our challenge*

Weeks In Review: 

Kyle:  Vacation to California for Spring Break was a blast.  We ate at many fantastic vegan restaurants, hung out with family and relaxed.  We allowed artificial sweeteners so we got to enjoy yogurt at Yogurtland but had to skip deserts at many of the places we went to.  We got iced coffee at Starbucks with the sugar-free vanilla syrup.  I couldn’t tell a difference!  I definitely think that is one thing I might stick with – although no sweetener, ideally, is where I would like to get to.

We still got in our runs.  Always fun to run in the different scenery.  Oh, and on the flight I got seltzer water.  It was good and satisfying, so there are sugar-free options even on the flight!

Melissa:  It was easier than I thought it would be to continue our sugar free journey on our trip to California for Spring Break.  We went a little crazy on Starbucks after barely having it the last 3 months.  Unlike Kyle, I find the sugar free syrup to be a little bitter.  I started the trip by ordering my iced coffee with sugar free syrup and they would do the normal pumps of syrup.  By the end, I would order one packet of Stevia and just 2 pumps of syrup.  That tasted a lot better to me.

My grandma is a huge proponent of eating lots and lots of ice cream.  We knew this prior to the trip and asked her to pick up some Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom no sugar added ice cream.  It is absolutely delicious.  By no means is it a health food but it was nice to indulge a little on our trip while still sticking with our agreed upon rule of no added sugar.



A couple pictures from our trip:




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