I Need My Pacifier! (Kyle’s update)

A Pacifier is used to calm or quiet an individual according to Wiktionary.com.

So how is this month’s challenge going?

Kyle: I underestimated the difficulty (and my addiction) of this challenge. 

It started good. My phone has been silenced the whole month. I enjoy not being distracted from whatever I am doing and feeling that twinge to run over and check the alert. 

Its been nice giving my wife and daughter my attention. I got my fix during my 30 minutes in the morning and night. Check emails and social media, respond to text, and even make a phone call. 

It has been hard. I use text and Facebook Messenger to keep in contact with Melissa. I feel like I don’t keep up with friends and groups I belong so I relapsed. 

It started with checking my phone occasionally through the day. Then I just sent messages to melissa and family since I already was bending the rules. 

I still don’t bring my phone everywhere. It isn’t my dinner partner. It isn’t even brought to the table. So I’m continuing to try my best to be present. 

But I’m still failing the challenge:(


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