Month 2 and going strong

What do you miss the most?

Melissa:  I miss Starbucks.  There are relatively few options at the retailer that aren’t full of sugar.  You are pretty much left with unsweetened tea and black coffee (hot or iced).  Not very exciting and hard to pay the money for when you can get the same at home for so much cheaper.  Every single one of their non-dairy milks are a sugar nightmare and every latte or other specialty drink has more sugar in it than you should eat in an entire day or week if we are talking frappucinos!

But I still miss it.  I am hoping to be able to incorporate it back into my diet but as a once in awhile treat and not the almost daily stops I have made at different points in my life.

Kyle:  Donuts (que sad hulk music).


Breakfast or snack…plain old cake or glazed or topped crazy with Oreos or a peanut butter drizzle.  Maybe both!  Man I eat a lot of donuts.  I enjoy going to Lamars and getting a Bavarian Creme filled Lamars Bar and a coffee.  In the future hopefully I can make those outings more special….and maybe less frequently!  Last year I swore off gas station donuts and didn’t hold that streak for long.  Maybe I’ll make the rule again – and keep it.

Week in Review

Melissa:  We are 6 weeks into our journey of eating no added sugar.  I am feeling great, running a ton and overall eating pretty darn healthy.

Of course there is always room for improvement.  I am cutting out bread as much as possible but not completely.  If I cut out too much stuff, there is not going to be much left to eat!

One of the challenges as we become more active in our new church is navigating potlucks.  They have a lot of potlucks and finding vegan sugar free fare is not easy.  Plus you have to stare at the desserts that always make their way to these things in surplus.

But I am staying strong, not caving to temptation or that feeling like I need something else after a meal.  I think doing this with Kyle is the only thing that makes it possible.  We are slightly competitive with each other (okay really competitive) and I can’t stand the thought of being the one to go off track and stuff my face with a candy bar before him.  Not that I would ever do that but you know what I mean.

Kyle:  Really competitive!  My sister has always laughed about that but it is true that both of us like to be right and somehow that holds each of us to a higher standard.  I am also feeling great.  There’s a “pop” when I get out of bed – maybe not everyday – and I find energy all day long.  I don’t sugary soda or sweets throughout the day.  A cup of coffee, hearty oats, and fruit are a good start.

I did get sick this week.  As a stay-at-home dad there are no days off so thanks to help from my fantastic kid I made it.  It was a little stressful putting together lunches when I really just wanted a bowl of sweet cereal to snack on.

Recipe of the Week

Pull Apart Super Boule


We decided to make something really delicious for the super bowl.  It was so good.  It only uses a stick of butter so yeah it was pretty darn goodd


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