Hi, my name is….. (and I’m a sugar addict)

One month in to the challenge, what has been your biggest obstacle so far?

Kyle:  Snacking, or what to snack on that I didn’t just have. My go-to snack choices have been taken from me – chocolate chip Larabars,   Extra-strong dark chocolate Chocolove bar, donuts, vanilla iced coffee from Starbucks. 

The cravings really kick in late morning and after dinner. At these moments it is when I think “well what’s the big deal if I do it this once?”  The big deal is that sugar is available all the time. It has made me an addict!

Melissa: My biggest obstacle is not feeling satisfied at the end of a meal.  I feel like a good meal finishes with something sweet.  I find my mouth and brain searching for that hit of sugar to finish out a meal.

Some things I do to cope include drinking a bunch of water, making some banana ice cream on days I just can’t deal or eating something without added sugar like potato chips or a spoonful of peanut butter.

I really want to change my thinking and not need to eat anything after I finish a meal  (especially dinner) but I have definitely made great progress in this area but sometimes you just need to nosh on a bowl of potato chips and watch some Netflix.

(Peanut butter and Banana Mini-Sandwiches)
Week in Review

Kyle:  As we get back into training and eat better I’ve began to lose some weight (sorry Melissa). The better eating gives me energy throughout the day. So does sugar but I never get that crash!

The energy has allowed me to keep up with my  training. I’ve been into cooking this week. I made yummy Wheatballs from The Happy Herbivore, and I was amazed how easy and delicious this African Peanut Slow Cooker was to make from Peas And Thank You.  I’m looking forward to “the Big Game Sunday” when we try these cheese-stuffed burgers from Beyond Meat. 

I have day-dreamed about donuts and desserts from various restaurants this week. I need to whip something up that is sugar-free and desserty. 


Melissa: It is dreaded conference week at school.  This means I get to pull a couple LONG days in a row and spend countless hours talking to parents.  Super valuable and part of my job but super exhausting.  I usually give into stress and eat a ton during conferences.  Our PTA fills our conference room with a delicious buffet of food each night and there is always a dessert table to which I make frequent visits.


I will not be visiting the dessert table this time around.  I have mentally prepared myself and feel pretty good going into it.  I think my competitive nature and desire to complete this challenge make my resolve quite strong.  Also we have committed to this until May 21st so we are only still at the beginning still even though it has been over a month.

I have stopped weighing myself.  I was getting disappointed about the lack of movement on the scale.  I just keep trying to make healthier choices everyday (less bread and less random scoops of peanut butter) and keep up with my workout routine.  I can’t make my body lose the weight but I can do everything in my power to do what I think is healthy and the right thing for my body.

Recipe of the Week

Vegan Breakfast Burrito


This recipe is an old favorite.  We have made it at least 10 times.  So delicious and packed with veggies.  We subbed in onions instead of mushrooms because neither of us really care for mushrooms.   And yes, yes I know vegan cheese is known to be nasty but Kyle and I both enjoy Daiya Cheese every once in while especially all melty and gooey as it comes out in this delicious burrito.  Oh and to make this sugar free, we skipped the agave but everything else fit the parameters so we were good to feast on the deliciousness.

I also want to give a shout out to La Favorita tortillas.  Notice right the big “no sugar” claim on the front of the package and the fact that they have already changed their food label to 2018 guidelines that require added sugar be shown on a separate line and with daily values.  I love this label and it makes things SO much easier and transparent.  Instead of scanning the ingredient list searching for any trace of added sugar, you can just look on that line and see it spelled out plain and simple!


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