Surprise!  That has sugar. 

What foods are you surprised contain added  sugar?

Kyle:  Healthy foods like yogurt or juice have tons of added sugar. I’m surprised by how much sugar. They are in the ballpark of a candy bar (which hopefully you wouldn’t eat for breakfast). I was surprised by how much. I knew BBQ sauce was gone but surprised ketchup and pasta sauce were out as well.

As a parent I’m appalled how much sugar is in children’s food products. Store bought waffles, breakfast cereals (even the healthy brands), purée pouches.

Are we just making sugar addicts now?  Aren’t we sending our kids down an unhealthy path?  How will I say “don’t eat this candy” and the next morning give them a bowl of Marshmallow Mateys?  I can’t do it after all I’ve learned.

I’m shocked how hard it is to find bread that doesn’t contain sugar. Most bakery breads are good but packaged bread is more difficult.

Melissa:  I think this is the one thing I hope people take away from this blog.  An awareness and reading of labels looking for sugar.  You will find it is added in 90% of products.

The yogurt example is probably what sticks with me most.


How much sugar is in the yogurt pictured above?  This is considered “healthy” by many.  Well it has 26 grams of sugar in a 6 oz container.  Women are supposed to consume 25 grams of sugar per day.  Just eat this for breakfast and you are already over your sugar allowance for the day!  Not good!

Great article on some low sugar yogurt options

Week in Review

Kyle:  This week I learned not all pizza places are created equal. Certain restaurants put sugar in the crust:  some don’t. Pizza sauce is out everywhere. Olive oil is usually a substitution.

Immediately starting this challenge I gave up coffee with creamer and went back to espresso shots with cinnamon and milk. Good but not completely satisfying. Well Melissa found a homemade creamer recipe sans sugar!  We made vanilla and a mint.

Yum!  I’ll let Melissa give the details on recipe.

I went to the gas station Friday after my workout. Usually I would get a couple energy drinks and donuts. I am surprised with my finds:

All the sugary goodness. The pretzels contain corn syrup!

No added-sugar finds. First picture is my purchase.
I feel incredible these days. I wake up ready for the day. I’ve haven’t been skipping my runs and have been going to the gym. Avoiding sugar is like finally waking up.

Melissa:  This week has been good overall.  I am not really craving sugar and feel like I have been too busy to dwell on missing out on dessert.  We continue to cook more at home which is awesome, better for our health and our wallets!

I am starting to get frustrated with the lack of weight loss this time around.  I joined a 6 month Dietbet in which I am trying to lose 10% of my body weight and thought I would hit the monthly goals set forth pretty easily but then came the dreaded holiday weight gain.  It really set me back and I have been slowly but surely making moves in the right direction, just not fast enough to hit my targets.  I decided to stay away from the scale for about a week and I stepped on this morning, thankful to have lost 4 pounds.  I will probably not hit my goal of 6% lost that I need to make in the next 9 days but I am back on track to make it by next month and make it to the eventual end goal by May 8th.

Marathon training started this week and both Kyle and myself set the goal to not miss any of the runs throughout the 16 week training plan.  This is a huge time commitment and will involve running through colds, snow and generally grumpiness about going out for a run when you really don’t want to.  But both of us know the value in completing the training and being completely ready for the distance come race day.

Both of us have felt amazing going into our training and have tons of energy as we complete our weekly long run at a great pace.  I hope the rest of the training goes as well as week 1!

I am thinking of adapting the Whole 30 to be veg and trying that for the month of February in order to make my eating even more clean and healthy.  Kyle isn’t quite committed since it would involve giving up a whole bunch more but I really will try anything at this point to get my body to lose the weight.  I want to go into this marathon as healthy as possible.

Recipe of the Week

Mint Chocolate Coffee Creamer


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