Why bother?

Sugar is in everything. Why bother?

Kyle:  Isn’t that the question before something great is about to happen?  The human race is a fearful group. It can be scary to break from the norm. It is awkward at work parties and family gatherings. It is difficult at unfamiliar restaurants.

It most definitely is NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

Dave Ramsey says debt is normal; be weird. The idea behind the statement is so true.  Sugar is in many popular things. It can seem like it is everywhere but it’s not.

More that 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sugar is a mind altering substance, a drug, that I choose not to partake in. It ruins your teeth, can lead to weight gain, diabetes, and more.

I will not choose that for me or my family. I want to be weird.

Melissa:  The great thing about giving up added sugar is within a short period of time, it’s hold over you can be broken.  My goal is to break that hold permanently.  I feel like doing challenges like this to help me to eventually get to that goal.  It’s not that I don’t want to ever enjoy a piece of birthday cake or ice cream cone on a hot day.  I just want to actually enjoy those things as treats and be able to move on with the rest of my day.

I also think awareness is key here.  Many people we share this challenge with start to look at labels a little more closely.  They start to realize what we did, it is in everything.  I believe we are on a breaking point with sugar in America.  As the new requirements to separate out added sugars on nutritional labels become law in 2018, companies will start to hopefully remove some of the sugar from their products.

Week in Review

Kyle:  Faced a major challenge this week and kicked its butt!  My sister was in town so the family met up with her and her boyfriend for dinner at City O’ City – our favorite restaurant.

Our favorite item, seitan wings, was off limits. The wings are covered in BBQ sauce. We ended up sharing a plate of fried pickles, fried ravioli, and a side of veggies. It was really good.

We made some great desserts this week like Raw Balls (pictured below).  I really enjoyed Sarah Wilson’s sugar-free “nutella.”  Its from her book I Quit Sugar.  I never tried store-bought Nutella so I can’t compare.  I spread it on apple slices.  Yum!

Melissa:  This challenge is much like our marathon training in that it is going to be long, arduous journey.  The first two weeks have felt like a warm up period for me.  I haven’t really had to face much except not ordering our favorite app at our favorite restaurant as Kyle mentioned above.

We’ve loaded up on all our favorite snacks we lived on last time we did this: Larabars, raw nuts, popcorn, rice cakes.  I am actually reaching for a mid-afternoon piece of fruit instead of a mid-afternoon cookie.

Recipe of the week: Raw Cookie Dough Balls

We made a couple new recipes and adapted an old favorite to be sugar free (fructose-free).

We are allowing Brown Rice Syrup in moderation.  It is fructose free and does not affect your body in the same way other sugars do.  More info

These balls contain lots of yummy ingredients agave syrup and chocolate chips among them.  We traded in the agave for brown rice syrup and the chocolate chips for carob chips.  They came out great!  Here is the recipe if you want to try them.  Raw Cookie Dough Bites

A few more things we made this week.  Homemade sugar-free nutella.  Hadley is a fan.  We spread it on ezekiel bread or just eat it straight out of the jar.  Coco-nutty Granola, absolutely delicious and addictive.


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