E2. Day 4

Our new challenge:  Follow the Engine 2 diet for 28 days  Check out the website

Started: Monday May 23rd

Ends: Sunday June 19th

engine 2_0

Engine 2 is called Plant Strong because it’s basically a plant based whole foods oil free diet.  You are advised to stay away from most processed food and eat a lot of beans, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Day 4:

Kyle:  so far things are good. A little confused but fine.

I’m a rules fan. I like guidelines. E2 has guidelines.

  • 25% or less of calories can come from fat
  • Sodium is a ratio 1:1 with calories.
  • 100% whole grain
  • Sweeteners can’t be in first 3 ingredients
  • No oil

So that’s it in a nutshell. The sweeteners aren’t an issue but the sodium is tough. Never watched my sodium before. Melissa and I revised the rule to a 2:1 ratio. It opens the door to many more products.

Already I almost went to Starbucks. I get my iced coffee with soy! No syrup but sure a sweetener is a top ingredient in that milk. I’ll have to double check that!  But it’s been good otherwise.

I feel on the sugar free period I learned how to handle this. Reverting to some classic snacks. Oh, Melissa made these black bean brownies from the Engine 2 cookbook. Bomb!

Melissa:  So far Engine 2 has been good but it’s a whole new way of thinking.  I’ve heard good things about cutting out oil but I have also heard that oil is beneficial for you.  I am willing to try to cut it out completely for 28 days and then see how I feel.


Ultimately there is so much diet advice out there and someone is always coming out with the next new thing.  I think the diet that works for me does two things:  I feel good when I am eating that way and it helps me to lose weight.

So far 4 days in, I feel pretty good and have dropped 3 pounds.  I am excited to see the end result after the 28 days.



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