Day 25:  Post sugar free

Mother’s Day is coming up. Ready to celebrate mom with some chocolate piled on cake and ice cream?

Kyle:  We are doing a lunch with our parents this weekend and will celebrate Melissa the following week. The lunch I don’t think will be decadent.  It’s a casual place so I’m not expecting temptation.

I haven’t told Melissa our plans yet but chocolatey sweet dessert could be easily obtainable!

Melissa:  I think that celebrating holidays with sugary food is very ingrained in the American culture.  It’s also ingrained in my mind because I’ve been doing it my whole life.  It’s something I am more aware of though now.  Every holiday and event doesn’t need to be an all out sugar fest!

Day 25:

Kyle:  The past couple weeks flew by.   Saturday the family went to Ride the Train To The Plane. An afternoon the city had set up parties at light rail stations to introduce the new section of rail which goes to the airport.

It was fun till Hadley got sick. We cut the trip short and headed home.

This past Saturday we went to a friends gender reveal. So lots of snacks and yummy cake!  I stuck to the nuts and engulfed in a couple nutter butters that had a half frosted blue or pink.

They were yum, and while the cake was tempting, and not much sugar to ruin my count.

We also had our little girl turn one year old Wednesday. Hadley’s birthday started with Voodoo Doughnuts (yes Mom and Dad had one too).


It was a rocky road donut and so good!


I have been maxing out my daily sugar count this week. Largely because I was depressed a couple days because we had a sick kitty at home. She’s going to be fine.

Melissa:  I feel like I am starting to slip back into old habits a bit.  Nowhere near the amount of sugar I used to consume on a daily basis but little cheats are adding up here and there.  Also we aren’t tracking our sugar everyday like I would like and holding each other accountable.  I haven’t gained back any weight though so now is the time to get back on track.

We celebrated Hadley’s birthday and Mother’s day with lots of delicious treats but now it’s time to buckle down and get back to 25g a day or less.

We will be starting The Engine 2 diet next week so that will be a great way to eat healthy and focus on the good stuff for 28 days!



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