Post Sugar- Day 20

Transitioning back to sugar, what are some go to items for you?

Kyle:  Bing Energy, I talked about it before, has 8 grams of sugar for the entire can.  I love energy drinks and I found one not loaded with an absurd amount of sugar.

It’s not new but creamer with my coffee has been welcomed back.  2 tablespoons, 6 grams of sugar, is all I use and it tastes so good.  Reese’s, Dark chocolate and Oreos have all been put back in the rotation but in small amounts like one mini-reeses. It’s crazy but I never thought 2 Oreos could be satisfying but it is!


Melissa:  I’ve been really hesitant to add back in much sugar.  Just by going through my day, I can get my 25 grams oh so quickly and have gone over a couple days (more on that next week).

I do enjoy coffee with creamer but now measure it out and only do 2 TB- which is 6 grams of sugar.  I don’t want to know how much I used to dump in!  At least double that, probably triple.

High quality dark chocolate is a go to for me.  The darker the chocolate the less sugar it seems so I have been going to a higher percent to avoid some sugar.  Though if you go too high, it’s so bitter and not tasty!  I also tried Lily’s Extra Dark Chocolate which is Stevia sweetened and it’s pretty good but comes in at $4.99 per bar so it will be a rare treat!


Day 20:

Kyle:  Since the last post I used two cheats. I got two for the week because I did not want to let my Starbucks free drink expire and I didn’t want to miss out on our friends birthday celebration. Melissa made the cakes.

First, I knew Starbucks was sugar-loaded but didn’t know how loaded. I found a mocha with 76 grams of sugar!  I ended up getting a chocolate something latte. I forgot my phone and had to order on the fly.


It was good. Chocolaty but not overly sugary. Then came Saturday’s birthday celebration. Melissa made a white cake with vanilla frosting. The other was a spice cake.

I had two big pieces. Melissa is a fantastic baker and she didn’t disappoint. Delicious! The cakes were fantastic. Everyone enjoyed and I’m happy I was able to partake – forfeiting a cheat this week.

Melissa:  I knew that I wanted to make 2 cakes to celebrate my friends’ birthdays.  I asked them their favorite so white on white and spice cake with cream cheese frosting were made.  I enjoy baking, I really do.  I used a box for the spice cake and a tub of frosting so no controlling the sugar content there.  I didn’t even look but I know the tub of frosting had something like 33 servings (uh yeah right) and tons of sugar in each serving.  Both turned out delicious and there really is something special about cake and ice cream served together.  YUM!



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