Day 9:  Post Sugar Free

React to this article. Is a sugar tax needed?

Kyle:  To think the kids of today may not live longer than the previous generation is crazy.  Medical practices are crazy good.  That shows you just how much sugar is out there compared to previous generations.  We are saturated with sugar from breakfast to a nightcap of sugary ice cream topped with whipped sugar and syrup!


Sally Davies talked about a “need” for education, citing smoothies and fruit juices as “calorie packed” foods people may be unaware of.  The sugar spokesperson referenced cost of foods, basically admitting low cost foods are filled with cheap sugar.  Which make medical costs go up, duh.  How many people do you know with type 2 diabetes – its almost common. I read another study that cited 40 percent of healthcare costs are “directly related”to the overconsumption of sugar. It is a big revolving door and to say that cheap food doesn’t lead to more medical costs then you have your head in the sand.   Have you seen our country lately!


Day 9:


Kyle:  Saturday was pretty good.  We took Melissa’s nieces to the zoo.  Walked around for 3 hours.  It was a pretty sugarless day except we ate one of the kid’s ice cream cone.  But c’mon we had to; Couldn’t have just wasted it!  There was some animal crackers at lunch but stuck to a good plan otherwise.

Sunday I treated myself with a pair of mini Reese’s.  Reese’s are my favorite.  In the history of mankind there has not been a better combination than chocolate and peanut butter.  Melissa and I made our first pot of coffee in 2 months.  We each put in two tablespoons of creamer and it was really good.  2 months ago I would have put twice, maybe 3 times, that amount.  I constantly see these changes happening.  It is exciting to see that after a lifetime of exposure to sugary processed foods that my taste buds can be reset.

Up next:  I earned a free Starbucks drink – I am a Gold Card member which means I spend a lot of money at the coffee joint.  So unless you drink black coffee, there’s no options.  Milk and syrup really make it hard.  So we will see what I do with my cheat of the week:)



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