Day 6:  post sugar free

Is it hard to stay within the guidelines?

Melissa:  It hasn’t been for me but I haven’t really felt like eating sugar either.  Pretty much since Monday my stomach has felt really unsettled and I just feel icky.  I am trying to cut out sugar again to see if that is the source or if it is unrelated.

You just have to be aware of what you are putting in your mouth and check labels.  One thing I am shocked by is the amount of sugar in a tiny piece of candy.  I used to love york peppermint patties and they always tout them as “a low fat food”.  There are 27 grams of sugar in one patty.   That is 2 more grams than my daily allotment so no more for me unless I stick to one fun sized.



It hasn’t been hard to stay within the guidelines.  Sugar for me is coming from snacks.  For meals, we still have sugar free stuff.  We loved a lot of the dishes so we continue to make them.  Many days I’m 10 grams under my daily allotment.  I have enjoyed being able to have a mini Reese’s every now and then.  I find now I’m satisfied after one or two.  I’m not tempted to dive into the bag.


Day 6

Melissa:  You always hear that ketchup is just full of sugar and horrible for you.  After staying away from it during lent, I thought ketchup would be really good on these fries that I have in the oven.  I pulled out the bottle to check the sugar content and its only 4 grams per tablespoon.  Obviously most people probably use way more than a tablespoon, hence the problem of sugar overload.  But I took a very small amount and it was very satisfying with my fries.

header_KetchupIt’s all about asking yourself, “Is this worth it?”  Prior to this challenge I never paid attention to sugar.  When I checked a label it was usually for the calories, fat or to see if it was vegan.  But now my eyes go right to the sugar content.  I don’t even look at the calories because after years and year of counting calories with very little return, I’m over it.  By just looking at sugar for less than 2 months, the returns have been great.


I had always heard that after you stayed away from sugar for a while, things would taste extra sweet when you returned to it.  This has not been the case with me.  I’ve only had a couple things with sugar and they taste fine but it’s like the pull is gone.  The anticipation of digging into something sweet and delicious just doesn’t effect me the way it used to.  So did I “cure” my addiction as I set out to do?  It’s only been a couple days so I am reluctant to say I’m cured.  Only time will tell I guess.


Kyle:  I’m looking forward to this weekend.  I am going to try and make homemade condiments. That way BBQ sauce, ketchup, and all will be sugar free.  And hopefully it saves a little money!


It should be easy (so it says).  I will give an update on how it goes.


This was my find of the week.  I usually eat dark chocolate around 83 percent dark.  At least that’s my favorite Chocolove bar. But this is 90 percent dark.  The reason I got this was the sugar.  At 90 percent I get 4 big squares for 3 grams of sugar.  At 83 percent I got only 3 squares for 5 calories.  So I did the math saw I could get more chocolate and decision made.  It is delicious too.  Not as bitter as I remember.

Now for my cheat of the week.  I was downtown Wednesday to exchange some bus expired bus passes.  It all went fast so with the extra time I decided to go visit VooDoo Doughnuts.

So for my three doughnuts I ate a Voodoo man, The Colfax Creme, and the third was a creme filled donut.  Not one of their signature donuts.  I didn’t pick at the store exactly what I wanted because I bought their day-old Vegan box….It was $5 and I got probably 35 donuts!  It was crazy.


So I walked around the mall handing them to people in need of a donut, then handed them out to everyone at work.  I think there was only two left – which I was able to find a willing person to take!  So that was fun.  It was very special and a treat which is how I view sugar now.  I used to do things like this on a regular basis (except I would have ate half that box) which now makes me realize why my weight fluctuated so much.  Those three donuts did a little damage to the numbers on the scale.  Still have 10 days till the final weigh-in for the diet bet.


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