Day 2: post sugar free

So how was it?  The Easter Indulgence aftermath. 

Kyle:  oh man.  It was everything I imagined and more. It was called Peanut Butter Heaven or something. It was crushed Oreos, pudding, Reese’s and whipped cream. It was amazing. I had 4 servings!  Melissa said no bringing it home. So it was no holds barred. I went all in.

The pudding with the crunch from the Oreos was delightful. Then the Reese’s came in and flooded the chocolate in my mouth with peanut butter. It truly was heavenly.

Melissa:  I felt pretty hesitant about eating this treat.  I wasn’t nearly as amped up as Kyle.  I had 2 burritos at lunch and was pretty full from that.  I decided to start with a small piece.  Maybe like 3 or 4 bites.  It was pretty good and I was happy with that.  We went for a family walk and when we got back there was still about 4 pieces of heaven left.  Kyle immediately went to the fridge and dug in.  I wasn’t sure.  I kind of wanted some more but I would have saved it for another day.  I had already decided this thing wasn’t coming home with us so I had another small piece.  It was good but honestly I could take it or leave it.  As Carol (my mother in law) said, I enjoyed making it more than eating it and honestly I am completely okay with that.

Day 2:

Kyle:  I surprised I didn’t get sick. I didn’t eat much lunch because I was saving room for the chocolaty treat. Afterward I was full of dessert and gluttony.

I know I was amped up. I vow not to let my cheat of the week become such an event.

On a positive note Melissa and I went to Starbucks. I got a soy iced coffee. No sweetener. So a grande is only 35 calories and 3g of sugar. I can handle that. Of course I’m back here today so that’s a bit much. I’ll improve.

But in order to win the diet bet I need to lose 4 lbs by April 10th. So I’ve got to be good. I like money, way more than sugar!


Melissa:  One of the things I missed the most was Starbucks.  We went on church after Easter service and I got my normal drink- iced coffee with soy and vanilla but I cut the sugar in half by only getting 2 pumps of syrup as opposed to the normal 4.  This is a doable change for me.  I can’t handle the iced coffee straight, it tastes so bitter to me.  A little liquid sugar really serves to cut that sweetness for me.  All was good, but then I decided to get another iced coffee on Monday.  In my defense, I was supposed to be meeting a friend to pick something up at a Starbucks but she ended up cancelling.  I was already there so I decided to get another drink.  This one didn’t sit so well with me.

Before I could even get home, my stomach started to ache and I had to dash to the bathroom.  It really felt very connected to the coffee I had just sucked down.  I kind of feel like the universe was giving me a cosmic warning.  My new plan is to stick to one coffee a week from now on and pray my system can handle it.


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