Day 36

We finally perfected the sugar free oreo cake.

Attempt #1 was a flop due to screwing up the creme filling and not having 2 plantains.  Well we decided to try it again and it was so worth it.  Don’t min  Recipe: Healthy Oreo Cake

The creme filling is made using a pinterest tip I saw years ago but never was able to get to work but finally after three tries, I nailed it this time.  Link: Vegan Coconut Whipped Cream

Melissa:  People are starting to notice the weight loss and are giving me compliments.  My clothes are getting baggy and I need to go to the basement and dig out my “skinny” jeans.

I miss sugary stuff but not really.  I thought it would be so much harder than it’s been.  I was always a dessert girl but am slowly changing my ways.

Kyle:  I fell in love this weekend. Sparkling water. 

It is what I have been looking for!  It’s carbonated so it has that fizziness I’ve wanted.  Taste good. Yum. 

I’m down 15 lbs so stayed about the same for the past week. I would like to lose 4 or 5 more and I’ll be good. Every time we go out I gain 3 lbs. This Saturday we went to Subculture – a fantastic sub shop in Denver.  I had a sandwich with portobellos, vegan cheese and veggies. It was oven baked and so good. So devouring the whole 12 inches was probable the cause for the weight gain!

So I’ve been looking at sugar contents to figure out what I’ll eat again when I’m not sugar free.  Starbucks could be out. My beloved vanilla syrup has 19g of sugar for 2 tbsp!  This reminds me of a huge breakthrough:  I tried black coffee last night and it wasn’t half bad.   

I never thought I could enjoy it. Then I warned a half cup soymlk and added that. Then it was delicious. I’m so excited. That’ll be a huge sugar-saver.  


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