Day 30

What are your plans for after the challenge ends?

Melissa: I have been thinking about this a lot.  I don’t think I will continue to cut out sugar entirely.

Kyle:  well I just want to make better choices after this. I really want an energy drink and found out Bing Energy only has 10g of sugar. That’s 1/6 of my Rockstar!  So I just have to take inventory of my foods and decide what I really want.



Day 30

Melissa:  I kept counting and was wondering what the heck happened to my counting skills.  I thought Lent lasted 40 days.  I always thought it was 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday but it’s not!  The 40 days goes from Ash Wednesday until the Thursday before Good Friday.  But we discussed and we will continue until Easter Sunday anyway since that was the plan.  So we are giving up sugar for 42 days and not 40!

Kyle:  I am so enjoying the weight loss. Now at 15 lbs!  I crushed my 4% diet bed goal. By my usual running and no sugar I’ve had incredible results.   So I joined another diet bet.  While the weight loss will slow down, I don’t see it stopping as long as I continue to avoid sugar.



I found a new snack wasabi peas and popcorn.  As the name sounds, it has a little spice to it.  Obviously not too much because, as Melissa would say, I am a wuss to hot food.  I made a dish just like this picture awhile back.  It had a brown sugar sauce and was good.  But keeping it simple with just popcorn right now.

It is humorous how people think of sugar.  I had a conversation with my boss about it.  She had done no sugar for lent which meant giving up candies and chocolate.  “But sugar is in everything.  There’s no way…” she stopped and looked at me.  “Well I guess you have done it.”

That is right – I have.  I am proving anything is possible.  For centuries people ate with little or no sugar.  It was until, I believe, the boom in manufacturing of processed food during World War II.  So why not go back to the old way.  After all it has been proven the food today is making us sick (i.e. obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular issues…)




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