Day 24

React to this article:

Melissa:  While harsh, this article pretty much sums up my current feelings about sugar.  The part that really hit home for me was the advice to consume no sugar if you are overweight.  I keep thinking about all the things I miss and want to eat when I am done with the challenge but I also have a lot of reservations about that thought too.  I don’t want to get addicted again.

Kyle:  great article. I liked the statement that someone trying to quit smoking needs to avoid cigarettes completely. Likewise a sugar addict (nearly everyone) needs to avoid all added sugars. Let’s not kid around sugar is dangerous and deadly. We need to take the kid gloves off and treat the problem just like smoking.

Day 24

Melissa:  The weight continues to drop off and I am now at 18 lbs lost!  I can’t wait to get to that 20 lb mark.  We have our weigh in for our DietBet on Friday and I can’t wait knowing that I won and will be winning some money for all my hard work.  I will be going straight into another DietBet to keep myself motivated.  If you haven’t heard of DietBet check out their website here.


I feel like we have gotten into a groove and have our go to meals.  Breakfast usually rotates between about 3 or 4 things and always coffee.  I have really gotten used to the espresso with unsweetened soy milk and cinnamon and it tastes much better than day one when I sucked it down merely for the caffeine.  It’s pretty easy to find recipes for lunch and dinner that don’t contain added sugar and we make a lot of our old favorites mixed in with some new ones from pinterest or a cookbook I checked out from the library.

a-cup-of-coffee-with-a-spoonWe’ve started to talk about what next.  With just over 2 weeks until Easter, we need a game plan for the conclusion of this challenge.  We both have some hopes and permanent changes we want to make and will discuss in an upcoming blog.

Kyle:  I made the Oreo cake. The recipe sucked. So you make two 9-inch cakes but the recipe was for one. In tiny print it said “double for second cake”. I’m making an Oreo cake of course I need two cakes!  Super annoyed. The other annoying thing is to get the frosting you had to purchase the book. Really should have looked it over better. 

So the cake with the Plantain was awesome. Dense, perfect texture and flavor. The second cake we improvised with two bananas. It didn’t work. Too moist. And the frosting recipe we made sucked. 

Things are going great. I feel in a groove. I lost 13 pounds. Gained a couple after eating out this weekend but back on track now.  I can’t imagine how much sugar I used to eat. I bought a friend an energy drink. I looked at the ingredients:  it has 30g of sugar. Then I noticed its 2 servings!  That’s 60g – twice the daily recommended intake. 

I heard Bing is a “healthier” energy drink. Still need to check.  I also made this morning a green tea that was energy boosting. Tasted fine but will see. 


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