Day 19

Let’s play a game called how much sugar.  You can play along.  Guess the grams of sugar in a serving of the following foods.


Melissa: 10

Kyle:  I believe I referenced this in an earlier post. 12 grams if I remember.





Melissa: 16

Kyle: 20





Meyoplait-original-stawberry-yogurtlissa: 12

Kyle:  8






Melissa: 9

Kyle: 14. I’m guessing it’s high. Actual ingredients seem to contradict health claims.


(Answers at the bottom of this blog post)

Day 19

Melissa:  We are almost at the halfway point.  Woo Hoo, it has been both easier and harder than expected.  I am finding it so much easier to just say no to sugar completely versus trying to cut back or only have 1 sugary item a day.  I have tried both those in the past and they never work out.  I always end up cheating or making exceptions.

I am trying my hardest not to fantasize about some over the top dessert I am going to have after the 40 days.  Kyle and I have made a couple jokes back and forth but we have also talked in earnest about how we are going to make this a lifestyle change and how we don’t want to go back the level of addiction we started at after all this hard work.

Both of us really hope our taste for sugar changes and we think ice cream sundaes taste gross now.  We will see on that one.

Oh and I am up to 16 pounds lost.  YES!

Kyle:  I am ejoying the weight loss. At 12 pounds. I can taste victory and it is so sweet (but much different than a load of sugary sweetness).

I’m finding these sugarless foods to be GOOD😋.  Well only natural sugar.  I agree with Melissa that cutting a little here and there doesn’t work. A complete cutoff is needed. That way there is no gray either. You are cheating or not. I like simplicity.

Can’t believe we are almost halfway. And it’s not like all I’m thinking about is when it ends, just proud I made it this far. I thought it would be hard and it has. But I’m going make it😋

Prego: 10 grams

Ranch: 2 grams (surprising it’s so little)

Yoplait: 27 grams (yikes, 25 g is the daily recommended amount)

Go Lean Crisp: 11 grams



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