Day 15

What is your favorite thing to snack on during this challenge?

Melissa:  Popcorn.  We have been buying the Skinny Pop Popcorn that just has 3 ingredients: popcorn, oil and salt.  It’s pretty delicious and lets me take handful after handful without much damage in terms of calories.  Only 39 calories per cup and is pretty filling.


Kyle:  Veggie Straws.  It’s a super chip. It’s salty and crunchy like a chip. But not as bad for you as chips.



They aren’t a super food, and I am sure some people think it is as good as a “real” vegetable, but it is a better alternative from a bag of potato chips.  I could snack on a bag all day.  But I am smart not to bring the whole bag with me to work, I portion size them, or else I would eat the whole bag.  A whopping 120 calories for 80 sticks!  Finally a serving size I can follow.

Day 15

Melissa:  It’s becoming apparent that I rely on sugar and caffeine as little pick me ups throughout the day.  Last night was not a good night for sleep and according to my fit bit I logged a whopping 6 hours and 3 minutes even though I went to bed at 9:30! This morning, we skipped the espresso and man am I feeling it.  I keep going to reach for a piece of candy or see people walking by with sodas from the vending machine and go to check to see if I have change.  But then I remember…no, nope, not going to do it.

I want this challenge to have an impact on the rest of my life.  I don’t want to slip right back into old habits and gain back all the weight.  I realize that I am fighting an addiction and while the first week was easy and last week was doable, this week is tough!  I want that taste of sugar in my mouth.  Surely one little piece of candy won’t hurt.  I was expecting the first couple days to be the hardest but that has not been the case for me.

I feel like giving up sugar for 40 days should be enough to get over some kind of imaginary hurdle and make it to the other side.  We shall see!

Kyle:  This morning I went into Starbucks.  Haven’t been in one since our challenge began because what would I get – all my drinks contain that wonderful syrupy vanilla sugar and soy vanilla milk which has sugar too.  But today I got Royal English Breakfast tea.  Yum!  It was strong like coffee.  It was good and a little better than the English Breakfast I have at work.

Today someone brought cupcakes that looked good.  Oh and a box a mystery chocolates.


For some reason I stood in the break room at work and looked at them.  Wait, I hate mystery chocolate.  And the frosting on those cupcakes is completely sugary and gross.  I am always disappointed.  Normally I just grab because that is what I do but today I actually thought about the enjoyment I get from eating these products.  None.

Funny later I saw in the trash a few napkins that people had smeared off much of the frosting!

I can’t wait to see the other side of these 40 days.  Just like Melissa said, I can’t wait to see the impact this challenge will have on the rest of my life.



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