Day 12

What is your favorite cake?  Tell us all about it.

Melissa:  Wow this is a toughy.  I am a pretty big fan of cake.  I like chocolate cake, vanilla cake, cookies and cream cake, yellow cake and just about any other cake you can think of.  Oh and don’t forget about cheesecake.

My favorite cake is probably Funfetti with Rainbow Chip frosting.  This was a staple for birthday parties growing up. I don’t really know what it is or what the little colorful dots are made of but it’s full of so much deliciousness.  Plus there is Pudding in the mix!


Kyle:  My favorite cake is Red Velvet Cake, or my family has just called it Red Cake.  It is a celebration cake only to be brought out on Holidays and birthdays.  It is made of butter, cocoa, and flour with a splash of red food coloring.  Then topped cream cheese frosting. It is chocolate and yummy.  I always requested it for my birthday.


Now I have found an equally amazing Red Velvet Recipe from Colleen Patrick Goudreau, a vegan author and cook.

But I’m going cheat here and list a second cake.  I just couldn’t decide!  While Red Cake was my favorite, there was another family favorite that was rare.  It was Twinkie Cake.  And I’ve never found a vegan recipe so I haven’t had it in more than six years. It is a multi-layer cake.  The bottom and top being a yellow cake.  Then the middle is filled with a creamy vanilla frosting. Oh boy is it wonderful.  C’mon, a giant Twinkie, how could it not be delicious!


Day 12

Melissa:  Things have started to get a little harder.  Yesterday afternoon the sugar cravings hit bad.  I needed something, anything with sugar.  Just a little piece of candy- no one would know.  I decided to get out of my office- where said candy was just a couple feet away in my prize box for my students- and take a walk and fill up my water bottle.  I have continued to drink water as strategy to get through these cravings and it usually helps.  I also find something salty and crunchy like popcorn or nuts can help.

Also I miss coffee!  We have been having a couple shots of espresso with some steamed unsweetened milk in the mornings but it’s no latte or sugary sweet iced coffee.

Things are going a little better on the weight loss front- I am up to 14 pounds lost!  I can’t believe it.  Every time I step on the scale the number is a little smaller and closer to my May goal.  I don’t feel like I am doing much of anything to lose this weight and pray that it continues to be this easy.

As I continue to read labels and scan for sugar, I am amazed at what I find.  One trend I keep noticing is that some form of sugar is usually the second ingredient in most processed food.  It’s everywhere….even in Hadley’s puffs and teething biscuits.  We are just setting our kids up for failure with how much sugar we put into things formulated for their little bodies.  We should be teaching them to enjoy the natural sweetness of a strawberry


So we’ve made a decision, Hadley is joining us on this little sugar free journey for the rest of the 40 days.  No more puffs and sugar laden baby cookies.  We can do better as parents and not fall trap to the “but it’s organic” or the “all the other babies are doing it”.  I want her to make better choices from the get go and not fall in the addiction that is sugar.

Kyle:  I had a few cravings.  Mostly at work.  Like Wednesday I opened the freezer to drop off my lunch.  And what do I see but a Starbucks Chocolate Frappuccino!chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-frappuccino

Oh boy that looked good.  That afternoon the managers handed out bags of chips and soda.  I how I love liquid sugar but I am seriously done with that stuff.  It is a slow poison and my teeth will thank me.  And good thinking on my part: I saw Lays Potato Chips which are just potatos and oil and salt.  Not healthy but no sugar so that calmed me down.  But Friday they came around with cupcakes.  Mmm.  They looked yummy.  But another change I am making after this challenge is no cheap crap.  If I am going to eat sugar no longer will it come from cheap grocery store cupcakes and cookies.  It has to be from a bakery so it lessens the availability to me.

The scale hasn’t been as kind to me.  I lost another pound for a total of 8.  I am plenty happy with the results.  I have more energy.  And I feel good about making better choices.  I agree with Melissa that Hadley will be given a better example of health.  We continue to learn and grow so it would be silly to send her down the “normal” path.  I can hear all the moans from outsiders.  “Don’t punish the kid.  Let her have some fun.  She’s only a child once.”  Yea and the stuff she learns now will be with her for the rest of her life.  We want that to be healthy example and, yes, that can be fun too.




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