Day 9

What is the most shocking fact you learned about sugar while researching for this challenge?

Melissa:  I was checking out the blog a year of no sugar (click here) and read her most recent blog post from August 9, 2015.  It details the fact that the FDA is thinking about making changes to the way the nutrition label talks about sugar.  Right now all sugar found in a product is shown as total grams.  They are thinking about dividing out added sugars so people can see how many grams of sugar are being added into that product versus the naturally occurring sugar.  This would be a huge step in the right direction in my opinion.



I also learned that the World Health Organization came out with new guidelines last March that recommend only 5% of your daily calories come from sugar.  This is a decrease from the 10% previously allowed.  That amounts to only 6 teaspoons of sugar per day.

Now this is the part that shocked me- a can of coke contains nearly twice that- so one can of coke puts you way over your daily allowance for sugar.  Wow- I try not to drink soda and cut it out entirely for 2016 but back in the day I could put back 3 cans of Dr. Pepper in a day plus whatever other sugar was in all the other things I was eating.  I don’t even want to know the number of teaspoons it all amounted to.

It just really puts things into perspective and I hope to really cut back my sugar after the 40 days are over and try to stick to the 6 tsp a day- or less!

P.S.- I just looked up my favorite drink at Starbucks- Venti Iced Coffee with vanilla and soy milk-it has 35 grams of sugar– which equates to 7 tsp.  Eeekk I guess I will be making a change to my Starbucks order!


Kyle:  When I thought about dropping added sugar I knew that would mean donuts, desserts, candy, flavored coffee…but I’m shocked by certain products.


Look at the above picture.  So which product has more sugar?  A half cup of spaghetti sauce has 10g of sugar. Two Oreos have 6.5g of sugar. I found that shocking. Spaghetti sauce is made of tomatoes so that should be healthy I thought.  There are many more facts that will shock. Reading labels is eye opening.

Day 9

Melissa:  Things continue to go really well.  I am starting to feel more energetic and motivated.  I am thinking about running a half marathon with my sister in May.  That would mean tons of early mornings, getting up at 4 am in order to get in a run before work.  It would also mean weekend mornings spent on the trail instead of warm, cuddling with Hadley in bed.

But I do love to run.  It’s a high unlike any other.  A challenge to be conquered.  A half hour of alone time in a busy day.  It also seems to keep my body in shape better than any other cardio exercise.

I also have decided on a weight loss goal for myself.  I want to be at my pre-baby weight by Hadley’s first birthday.  It’s May 4th so that gives me about 3 months to lose 22 more pounds.  I know I can do it.  I just need to not allow myself to stress eat and use sugar to make it all better.

My Motivation

Kyle:  I have impressed myself with this challenge. I haven’t cheated. I haven’t snuck something from the vending machine at work. Didn’t get dessert at Arc’s potluck. No donuts consumed during the challenge.

The shocking part is it hasn’t been all that hard. I’ve found a coffee substitute instead of Starbucks. Instead of Mio I use fresh fruit to flavor my water and Melissa makes a fantastic banana ice cream.

I hear people say it’s impossible to not eat added sugar. It’s true that it is difficult but far from impossible. I won’t play the victim card. And I’m proving it can be done.


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