Day 5

What is your favorite sugary treat?


Melissa:  Ice cream has always been my absolute favorite dessert.  I would eat it every single night if I could.  I love all flavors and toppings.  Being vegan has really helped me cut back though I cheat from time to time.  Nothing is better than a couple scoops covered in whipped cream and hot fudge.  The non dairy stuff can be pretty tempting too especially from my favorite ice cream shop- Sweet Action Ice Cream- in Denver.  Luckily we only get down there every couple months or so.


Kyle:  I have never met a donut I didn’t like.  I like one’s with sprinkles, filled, glazed, nuts….lets just keep it at “I love donuts.”  I loved donuts ever since I was little and my mom would let my sister and I choose one at the grocery store.  Then I got older and visited donut shops….I even worked for one.  I am not a donut snob either.  I eat them from wonderful donut shops like VooDoo Doughnuts or LaMars, but I routinely buy them at gas stations and grocery stores.


Melissa:  40 days without sugar.  We started 5 days ago and it’s been going surprisingly well.  I’m not going to lie, we pretty much gorged ourselves the week before we started and took a break from our healthy eating we had carried out for most of January.  By the time Wednesday rolled around I was feeling pretty disgusted with myself and ready to detox.  I just finished listening to the book Year of No Sugar by Eve Schaub (You can check out her blog here) which details the evils of all sugars and pretty much makes you come to terms with the fact sugar does nothing good to your body.  It’s an addiction.


I am ready to rid myself of the addiction.  Plus I’ve heard some great stories of people losing serious weight with this one “little” diet change.   You might think it’s little like just cut out the sweet and bam you are sugar free.  But no sugar is in everything!!!  I had no idea until I started learning all the names for sugar and reading labels galore.  It’s in bread, pasta sauce, cereal, pretty much every condiment and salad dressing well except mustard so I’m going to be having a lot of mustard these next 40 days.

But in all seriousness, I was expecting to be grouchy and have crazy cravings but so far it’s been pretty tame.  I weighed in on Tuesday night before the start of our challenge.  I did not like the number on the scale at all after a week of eating crap but when I checked in this morning, I was already down 6 pounds.  That is pretty damn motivating.  Now please excuse me while I go enjoy some homemade banana ice cream.  Recipe for Banana Ice Cream

Kyle:  Melissa doesn’t lie.  No sugar doesn’t just mean no skittles or soda.  It includes almond milk (except unsweetened), Starbucks, pizza and virtually all cereal – even that healthy Kashi.  It comes loaded with sugar.  It is not just the Fruit Loops and Cookie Crisp you have to be on the look out for!

My motivation for this no sugar trial is to make healthy changes in my eating habits.  By cutting out the “crap” and occasional dessert with dairy I am hoping to lower my cholesterol.  There are no donuts on a sugar free diet!

I also enjoy being challenged to drink more water.  Actually just plain water.  There’s not much else (besides tea).  Soda, some almond milk, juice, Mio water flavor, Gatorade, lemonade….it all has sugar.

Cause drinks from booze to soda to fruit juice all have sugar.  My precious Starbucks latte is loaded with 5 pumps of vanilla liquid sugar.  But I make a mean latte on the Verismo at home:  Two shots of espresso, unsweetened almond milk and a dash of cinnamon.

So I haven’t really felt like I am giving up anything (yet).  Definitely avoiding certain food but feel full and happy.  I am interested to see the impact these 40 days have on my life and habits.


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